Here I Am

In easy stage, sometimes you’ll mistook me as a phlegmatic-melancholic one. Well, maybe that’s true. Because now, I’m not really like giving a warm hug to new people I met. I lost my old me.
In medium stage, you’ll realize that I’m more a sanguines person. I talk more than I need, loudly. Sometime I don’t listen enough. I’m born as a low attention people, talk to me 5 minutes, I’d lost it. I’m spontaneous.

In the hardest stage, meet my choleric side. Choler. It taste bad. Really. But, that maybe really who I am. Take it, or leave it. The bad news (or it could be good?) that once you cant accomplice the hardest stage, you’ll fall back into the easiest stage. Goodbye. Its nothing to lose for you, though.


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