To Hike a Mountain:: A Company


I do believe that one of most important factor to successfully hike a mountain, is a company. Great company made a great journey. Here is my list of greatest company. Take them into your journey, and enjoy it.

1. The positive one. Well okay, this kind of company actually can be annoying enough haha. He will smile or laughing when something bad happen while trekking, such as a little storm or annoying slippery-sandy track. But this one, will reminding you to keep happy in your journey when things going unexpected. We can laugh when we missed the train, laughing on the stupidity. Or we can laugh when sliding deliberately on the slippery track.

2. The low maintenance one. Take this lowlife into your journey and learn a lot from him. Just remember that this one could be dangerous enough to be copied completely. This type of company, is one that could live with a very low standard of life. When another hiker brings glasses and plates to eat, he will cut off the mineral water bottle to enjoy a hot coffee, and use the nesting as a plate. When foods dropped, he would just cleaned and eat it innocently. While another brings tons of changes clothes, he only takes a little and wear it for days. While another take a complete bath sets, he only takes soap and use it also as a shampoo. This type of hiker usually very-very creative, he can made things we need, with things he found. But, well, lets me remind you once again, never copied him completely.  Not everyone strong enough wearing flannel on a cold high terrain.

3. The “prepare for the worst” one. This one will bring anything you need when everything going unexpected. You can ask for spare clothes, or another pair of clothes. You can ask for some medicine too when you need it. He even brings some oxygen sometimes. He brings things to wear on a rainy days or a very hot days.

4. The religious one. Sometimes, especially for me, hiking can be horrifying enough. I’m always scared that I’m gonna die while hiking, for so many reason. That’s why, be accompanied by a religious person is one of the most calming and reassuring thing while hiking. As a moslem, I feel happy to see people praying with beautiful scenery such as clouds and the sun rising. Or the happy feeling when all the team, praying together, or even read Koran.

5. The talker. Well I know, sometimes its tiring enough to walk without the need to hear people who cant stop talking. But trust me. Sometimes the only thing we don’t need while hiking is silence. Silence make us think about things, the tiredness, the hotness, the spookiness. Talking and telling stories will make the long journey feel shorter.

Haha, this is just a joke actually. But, really, I’ve hiked with those kind of people. And its fun, because you will not only remember the beautiful things around you, but sweet happy moments in every step you took with them.



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