37 Hal yang Ingin Saya Lakukan Sekarang!

I’ve read a post in buzzfeed.com titled 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/37-things-youll-regret-when-youre-old.

So I decide to make a to-do-list based on the item listed on the post. Here we go…

1. Not Travelling When You Have a Chance
… BELGIUM. Why Belgia? That’s a secret =D. I’ll be there, then I’ll travel around the Europe. I’ll see the Berlin Wall, canoing in Venesia, catching some cute bule, handstand in front of Louvre Museum. Aish. can’t wait to be there.

2. Not Learning Another Language
… Oh well, I’ll practice my English, and hmmm maybe France, Dutch or Deustch. Korean or Japanese also, if they available in Duolingo, hehe.

3. Staying in Bad Relationship
… Well I just won’t start one. I’ve been in some bad friendship. I know I’ll regret it, but still, I don’t know how move on. Feel a little helpless on this one. But we all can start with talk honestly about how we feel right? I’ll try to do this once.

4. Forgoing Sunscreen
… I’ll buy a nice one. Since my old one is running out. I shall find one that not sticky, so I can apply it when I hiking a mountain.

5. Missing The Chance to See Your Favourite Musician
… I’ll skip with this one, but hmm, it will be nice if I can see Bon Jovi or Slank one day, hehe.

6. Being Scared to do Things
… Uhm

7. Failing to Make Physical Fitness a Priority
… I’ll be Fit, Fierce, Fearless. So, let run, lift and fast.

8. Letting Yourself Defined by Gender Roles

9. Not Quitting a Terrible Job
… I just wont start one.

10. Not Trying Harder in School
… Oh, so what can I do about this one

11. Not Realizing How Beautiful We Were
… Don’t worry. I do.

12. Being Afraid to Say I Love You
… Uhm

13. Not Listening to Your Parents Advice
… Okay, I’ll listen. When they really give me one.









Dokter Tuh Ya…. Ckckck

Saya dulu sempat mikir. Dokter tuh yaa, harusnya turut mencerdaskan bangsa dengan mengedukasi pasien tentang gaya hidup sehat  buat menyembuhkan penyakit yang sedang di deritanya. Bukan sekedar ngasih obat-obat mahal, trus udah aja.  Ckckck.

Lalu tetiba saya inget, emang orang Indonesia mau gitu dateng ke dokter untuk  dikasih saran-saran tentang gaya hidup sehat doang? Semisal dia pilek, trus dokternya bilang gini, “Adik banyak minum air putih aja, makan buah-buahan yang banyak vitamin C nya, trus kalo malem ditutup hidungnya, badannya dibawa lari (okeh yang ini gak jelas asal-usulnya), gak usah minum obat ya.” Seberapa  banyak pasien disini yang rela bawa pulang saran, bukannya  setumpuk obat  dari dokternya? Ah gak yakin guweeeeh.

Saya dulu sempet mikir. Dokter tuh yaa, nanganin pasien pakai obat bejibun, antibiotik suntik lah, antibiotik dobel lah, apa lah yang saya gak ngerti namanya. Emang tuh obat gak bakal jadi racun.

Trus saya inget, saya tinggal di Indonesia, dimana ibu-ibu kalo ngegosip, “Ihhhh…. ke dokter A aja, bagus dokternya, cepet sembuhnya”. Pokoknya kalo pusing, mesti cepet ilang pusingna. Kalo demam, mesti cepet turun panasnya. Kalo mencret kudu cepet mampetnya.
Eaaa. Haishhhh.

Jadi yang masih mau salahin dokternya?