37 Hal yang Ingin Saya Lakukan Sekarang!

I’ve read a post in buzzfeed.com titled 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/37-things-youll-regret-when-youre-old.

So I decide to make a to-do-list based on the item listed on the post. Here we go…

1. Not Travelling When You Have a Chance
… BELGIUM. Why Belgia? That’s a secret =D. I’ll be there, then I’ll travel around the Europe. I’ll see the Berlin Wall, canoing in Venesia, catching some cute bule, handstand in front of Louvre Museum. Aish. can’t wait to be there.

2. Not Learning Another Language
… Oh well, I’ll practice my English, and hmmm maybe France, Dutch or Deustch. Korean or Japanese also, if they available in Duolingo, hehe.

3. Staying in Bad Relationship
… Well I just won’t start one. I’ve been in some bad friendship. I know I’ll regret it, but still, I don’t know how move on. Feel a little helpless on this one. But we all can start with talk honestly about how we feel right? I’ll try to do this once.

4. Forgoing Sunscreen
… I’ll buy a nice one. Since my old one is running out. I shall find one that not sticky, so I can apply it when I hiking a mountain.

5. Missing The Chance to See Your Favourite Musician
… I’ll skip with this one, but hmm, it will be nice if I can see Bon Jovi or Slank one day, hehe.

6. Being Scared to do Things
… Uhm

7. Failing to Make Physical Fitness a Priority
… I’ll be Fit, Fierce, Fearless. So, let run, lift and fast.

8. Letting Yourself Defined by Gender Roles

9. Not Quitting a Terrible Job
… I just wont start one.

10. Not Trying Harder in School
… Oh, so what can I do about this one

11. Not Realizing How Beautiful We Were
… Don’t worry. I do.

12. Being Afraid to Say I Love You
… Uhm

13. Not Listening to Your Parents Advice
… Okay, I’ll listen. When they really give me one.









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