Ami’s Alay Dictionary

What the puk, a statement for some funny yet annoying, strange situation when saying wtf is too harsh.

Annonjing, just a different spelling for annoying when the situation is terribly annoyed you, yet you  don’t want to call animal names, like we usually do in Indonesia.

Not nyet, also just a different spelling for not yet, you can use it when people cant stop bother you with annoying question, such as, have you graduate, have you work, are you married now , and maybe some day, haven’t you die? Not yet mo***t.

Up Tuhan, in everyday live, such as maybe while you dating and confuse about what to eat or what to watch, and you ended up with endlessly saying up to you to each other, just say this, up Tuhan, problem solved.


Civil Eng. Blogging

It came a lot to my mind, that maybe I can share something that I got in college. Well, some civil engineering related. It might not be much, since yeah, you know I skip soooo much. But, I think I can promise myself to make 2 or 3 post, maybe something about transportation, because a lot of greener and really cool thing do happen out there.
So, see ya 🙂